Since September 2018, the Whole Man Academy has been creating spaces for men to talk. Our events, seminars and coaching sessions are designed to help men build a strong mindset and improve their resilience in today’s challenging and demanding world. We welcome all men to be part of that conversation.

Our Mission

The Whole Man Academy helps men be better equipped to deal with the stresses of modern life and to understand that it takes a strong man to show emotion and cope with whatever the world throws at him.

Bad mental health, low self-esteem and unfulfilled working lives are blighting modern men. Today it begins to stop.

‘The Whole Man Academy is a fantastic initiative providing men with the space for open, natural conversations that help build up their mental strength.’

- David Gandy.

What We've Achieved

  • More than 350+ men have attended our events.

  • Coverage in the UK press, on BBC radio, podcasts and online.

  • Sponsored by Gieves and Hawkes, and the London Sock Company.

  • Supported by Floris, James and Jake, Manual, Penguin Original and South Place Hotel.

  • A growing social media presence with more than 1,000 followers across platforms.

  • 8 fantastic events in just one year.

  • Over 25 speakers including style icon David Gandy and footballer and boxer Leon McKenzie.


In 2018, City Broker turned Life Coach Anthony Astbury and BBC News Editor and Mental Health campaigner Matthew Shaw sat down over lunch and came up with a fantastic idea. “We felt like something was missing,” recalls Anthony. “We know there is a mental health crisis in the UK – the statistics prove that - with too many men taking their own lives. Guys are very good at hiding what’s really going on in their heads; too many of us try to put on a brave face.”

But where do men go to talk openly? And where is this conversation actively encouraged and embraced? What if men feel lost and uninspired, lacking purpose or fulfilment? Is there a place where men can feel comfortable chatting about life’s challenges? Outside of their existing social circle, how else can men learn from each other, make new connections and offer a different perspective to others? Are the options really limited to the pub, club, gym or football pitch?

As Matthew adds – “ We wanted to create that space where all men can get together. Maybe a gay man who wears a heart on his sleeve could reach out to his more restrained straight brother and just help. Could we find common ground in relationships, support each other in the office and understand more about living this life. Whoever we are.”

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Whole man Academy


Matthew Shaw and Anthony Astbury

The Whole Man Academy is a space where men get together to talk mindset, mental strength and male identity in the 21st century. We welcome all men to be part of the conversation.


The Whole Man Academy holds events designed specifically for men as well as sessions where all those who want to help and support men are more than welcome. We are always looking for cool, interesting and inspiring venues – our first events were held at the members club Soho House at 76 Dean Street. Gieves and Hawkes at No. 1 Savile Row hosted both our official launch party and a ‘Strength through Style’ event with David Gandy. In May of 2019, to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week, we teamed up with the stylish South Place Hotel in Moorgate to host an evening event entitled ‘Whole Man in the City’.

Our next event will be about announced soon. Subscribe for updates and advanced tickets.


The Whole Man Academy is always looking for amazing people, both men and women, who would like to speak at our events, to inspire, motivate, and educate men.

If you would like to contribute to our events by speaking, sponsorship, or helping us with a venue, please complete the form below.

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